Lawn & Ornamental

Is Your Lawn an Eyesore?

Treasure Coast Pest Control provides exceptional lawn and ornamental services. We specialize in treating South Florida Lawns and Ornamentals! We understand the challenges that homeowners face in maintaining a beautiful lawn. Add pests, fungus, grubworms, yellow spots and the elements to the mix, and it can be overwhelming.

Turn your lawn and shrubs over to Treasure Coast Pest Control and experience the joys of having a green, healthy lawn. With our specialized lawn and shrub service, our highly trained technicians will have your yard looking great year-round. We will perform regular applications of both insecticides and fertilizers to control weeds, fungus and insects. Our program is all inclusive and guaranteed to have your yard looking fantastic.

The fist step in creating an effective lawn care program is to analyze conditions and identify any existing problems. In this stage we note if there is any insect infestation, grass and soil type, mowing and watering habits, weed types, and problem areas due to disease or other factors. Our trained specialist will recommend a custom program to fit your specific landscapes needs.

Information collected from our initial visit will allow us to create the most effective lawn care program using the products necessary to correct pre-existing conditions and give continued protection from pests, weeds, and disease. We also include custom-blended fertilizers that have been formulated specifically for South Florida’s climate. This combination will improve the overall health and color with sustained results, guaranteed.

Whether you are looking for a greener lawn, fewer weeds, or healthier trees and shrubs, Treasure Coast Pest Control’s range of services will perfectly suit your properties needs.


Healthy plants are like people, they are naturally equipped to fight disease and infestation. However, they must be receiving proper nutrients and be living in suitable conditions. Whether your landscapes trees and plants are thriving or showing symptoms of nutrient deficiencies, Treasure Coast Pest Control can create a customized program to ensure your plants receive proper nutrients, and protection against damaging insects and disease.